Friday, January 22, 2010

to its end.

i've come to the last pages of an everlasting chapter
which was full of hurt,
defeat, unsteadyness
mistakes and lessons.
as i reached the final page,
the last lines changed it all..

" the end of the day approaches,
you look into the horizon and
as the sun drowns into its realm
nightfall comes upon you.
as you lay there in your sleep,
know that a new beginning awaits
at the moment the sun takes its first breath
and you decide to accept it "

so now i lay in bed,
knowing that tomorrow won't be
just another day.
it'll be the first day of the rest of my life
and you will no longer be a barrier in it.
your story, i leave it written in the sand.
i walk away from where this story is inscribed
and i leave the footprints that expose my growth from
all this anguish.
i am finally able to reach out to find the peace
that resides within.

as i awake tomorrow morning,
this will only be a story to tell.
a simple story..

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